What Drives Nick Boulle?
Nick Boulle hails from Dallas, Texas. He spends his time in Dallas and Houston working for his family owned de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry. Boulle is most known for his passions: motorsports, cycling, watches, design and family.
His love for cars developed in middle school: the beautiful lines, racing heritage and power of both new and vintage cars have been longtime loves for the entire Boulle family. This love for cars eventually expanded into motorsports and competition which drove him early in life to racing cars where he competed at the amateur level with go-carts and eventually the professional levels of the sport. Motorsports has become an integral part of de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry’s lifestyle and branding.
When his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Nick chose to remain close to home and attended Southern Methodist University where he became a BBA Scholar in the Cox School of Business and a member of SMU’s Honor Program. This is where he learned the extraordinary value of hard work and determination in not only his schoolwork, but also in motorsports and cycling as he became an official VW Motorsport Junior Driver, medaled at the NCAA Collegiate National Cycling Championships, won multiple state & regional cycling championships and rode with the National Elite Team, Elbowz Cycling.
After University, Nick took time to pursue his ambitions to race professionally, but then saw a business opportunity that he chose to pursue. Despite his commitment to joining the family business, de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry, Nick has always known the importance of gaining outside experience in order bring something unique and valuable to the family when the time came. Nick started a digital marketing firm with a friend from SMU that started small, but it grew to work with companies as large as a $1+ billion financial institution, luxury restaurants, real estate developments and an internationally known luxury resort. This outside experience and the effort it took to create his own name are values that his father, Denis, had always encouraged and emphasized as he worked hard on his passions away from de Boulle.
In hearing of de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry’s plan to open in Houston at the River Oaks District, Nick saw that the timing could not be any better to officially become a part of the de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry family. Nick’s efforts have spanned over a wide variation of company activities. Whether he is revamping de Boulle’s digital marketing, working on creative, designing jewelry with his mother, Karen, spending time in Houston at the new location or simply training for the future, his passion for the company continues to grow.
In January of 2017, Nick won North America’s most prestigious endurance race, the ROLEX 24 Hours of Daytona. He is currently preparing for the 2019 ROLEX 24 Hours of Daytona!